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Editor speaks to SABC: Journalists in Africa must promote transparency, hold Kings accountable.

Sunday, 21st March, 2021

MBABANE: Zweli Martin Dlamini, the editor of  this Swaziland News said African journalists must hold Monarchies accountable to the people  without any compromise, particularly those who are benefiting from public funds. 

Speaking during a discussion on the SABC Media Monitor program today(Sunday 21st March 2021) where the role of the media in reporting about issues surrounding Monarchies in Africa was analysed and discussed at length, the editor said demanding accountability on behalf of the people remained significant in Eswatini where the King is an absolute Monarch with direct involvement in the political affairs of the country. Paula Fray, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Frayinternmedia was also part of the discussion that highlighted reporting on issues surrounding Monarchies in Africa, the program was hosted by Peter Ndoro.

Editor Zweli Martin Dlamini noted that holding an absolute Monarch accountable came with challenges in a country where the  people were brainwashed by the captured media that previously portrayed the King as an 'angel', however, he maintained that despite those challenges, the truth must be reported without compromise.

“In countries where there is an absolute Monarch, it becomes a problem because when you start questioning issues surrounding public administration and funds, you are regarded as an enemy of the King. When I started writing critical articles about the Monarch, people were emotional because previously the King was portrayed as a good Head of State. But now the people can see that the King must be held accountable. Before then, the media was captured, even now we hardly see critical stories in our daily newspapers. The people were blinded and they were made to believe that the King is an angel when on the other hand he is abusing public funds”, he said.

The editor added that people needed to know where and how their money was used but this required brave journalists to report stories without fear or favour.

"The role of journalists is not to please people, sometimes you get criticised and insulted but at the end of the day they would regard you as their hero once they realised you have been telling them the truth" said the editor.

Editor speaks to SABC: Journalists in Africa must promote transparency, hold Kings accountable.
Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini was part of the discussion at SABC that highlighted reporting on issues surrounding Monarchies.