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MPs to visit Siphofaneni after shooting of resident by Mkhaya Game Rangers, protest march looming.

Friday, 23rd April, 2021

 SIPHOFANENI: Members of Parliament(MPs) are highly expected to visit the home of Daniel Gamedze tomorrow(Saturday), the KaMkhweli, Mahlabatsini chiefdom resident who was shot dead by Mkhaya Game Rangers.

This comes in the midst of serious tensions after residents under the Constituency experienced more fatal shootings that left various homes with widows and orphans without heads of families .

Reached for comments, Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane, the Siphofaneni Member of Parliament(MP) confirmed that they would be  mourning tomorrow at the Gamedze homestead.

“Oh yes Nkhosi, I am so pained and my heart is tone apart about what befell our people. It is so heavy in my heart. How can such brutality unfold in broad daylight?  Killing people as if they are flies whilst we stand aside and watch.Human life has been belittled to be way less than the life of a warthog (indayikazane).In my eyes that person did not die from the said bullet wound but I believe he was literally murdered after falling down from the bullet. A bullet in the thigh cannot kill a person instantly on the spot”,  he said.

The Siphofaneni MP further confirmed that he invited his colleagues in Parliament to witness the situation in the area where residents are killed by Game Rangers with impunity.

“I have invited my colleagues to come witness the situation with  me so that we can speak in one language inside the  chamber after seeing this . Kufanele nekutsi siyolila kulelikhaya lelehlelwe lifu lelimnyama. From where I stand, as MPs we stand for God  and the people. We stand for justice. We stand  mostly for the poor masses who cannot afford to have their voices in court. We stand primarily for the marginalised and for all the citizens of this nation. Yes I know this has already attracted lots of talk but defending humanity is our prime mandate. For this cause we were born, for this cause we live and yes for this cause we shall die should a need arise. By all means necessary these killings of our people should be stopped, we can\'t afford to have people who become law unto themselves”, said the MP.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Thami Sibandze, a Constituency headman(Bucopho) for KaMkhweli, Mahlabatsini Chiefdom said many families are left with struggling widows and orphans after the heads of families were shot dead.

MPs to visit Siphofaneni after shooting of resident by Mkhaya Game Rangers, protest march looming.
Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi Simelane