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Herefords High School Principal linked to TSC boss Simanga Mamba assaults teachers, case disappears.

Monday, 3rd May, 2021

HEREFORDS: Colisile Maphanga, the Headteacher at Herefords High School with alleged links to Teaching Service Commission(TSC) Chairman stands accused abusing teachers and intimidating them with fabricated charges.
This is not the first time the Headteacher faces such accusations, in early 2017 she allegedly assaulted one Nolwazi Dlamini, the then English Language teacher at the school in full view of other two teachers, Nolwazi suffered serious injuries that temporarily disfigured her face.
A case was opened with the police and TSC, however, the matter later disappeared from both the Pigg’s Peak Magistrate Courts and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).
Reached for comments, Nolwazi Dlamini, the then English teacher confirmed that on or around February 2017 she was called by the Headteacher to discuss her transfer at her office but an argument ensued and the Principal slapped her on the face leaving her with a blue eye.
“She called me to confirm if I had submitted my transfer with the Regional Education Office (REO), I told her that was personal and that’s when she slapped me on the face in full view of other two teachers. I reported the matter to the police, but the case later disappeared at the Pigg’s Peak Magistrate Courts. She fabricated charges that got me suspended for two years from work but I won the case with the assistance of a lawyer that was organised by the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT). I was then transferred to Maphalaleni High School, where I am currently based, but the assault case never saw the light of the day at the TSC”, she said.
But teachers within the school alleged that apart from the assault they are subjected at the hands of the Headteacher, she would sometimes disconnect water supply to their houses just to frustrate them.
“Life is a struggle here, the Headteacher recently disconnected the water supply to our houses under unclear circumstances and she claimed there was a leaking pipe without identifying it" said a teacher.
When reached for comments, Colisile Maphanga, the Headteacher of the School denied that there were problems at her school.
“We have water in our school, I’m inviting you to come here to see for yourself. As journalists you should report about the facts, stopping taking information from people who are pushing their own selfish agenda. As for the court case, let me advise you to go to the Magistrate Courts to find out what happened to it, I’m not in a position to comment on that”, she said.
When reached for comments, TSC Chairman Simanga Mamba denied the allegations levelled against the TSC accusing them of protecting the Headteacher.
“If you read Regulation 18 of the Teaching Service Regulations, you will appreciate that teachers who have been laid with criminal charges are dealt with by the Schools Manager, Under Secretary in the Ministry of Education not the TSC. Therefore, these allegations are factually and legally wrong”, said the TSC Chairman.
Reached for comments, Sikelela Dlamini, the Secretary General of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) said they were aware of the problems within the school.
“We have heard that there are serious problems in that school which are mostly caused by the administration. We are closely following on the matter since we aware that the teachers are not even allowed to discuss issues involving SNAT and are treated like kids. We strongly condemn the actions of the Headteacher and its high time we address that as a union. The affected teachers should not be afraid to come out so that we can address these issues, we are aware that the Headteacher expelled the Mandlangemphisi SNAT BEC and we have it in good authority that she is a good friend to Simanga Mamba, the outgoing Teaching Service Commission( TSC)Chairperson”, said the SNAT Secretary General.

Herefords High School Principal linked to TSC boss Simanga Mamba assaults teachers, case disappears.
TSC Chairman Simanga Mamba