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Psychologist Ndo Mdlalose: Publicizing STD V, JC results cause suicides

Tuesday, 7th January, 2020

MBABANE: Psychologist Ndo Mdlalose said publicizing Standard V and Junior Certificate results remains one of the major causes of suicides among children.

Speaking in the national radio on Monday, Mdlalose praised the government for taking a decision to stop publicizing these results, saying this will reduce pressure among parents and children who did not do well.

“This is a good move, we thank the Minister of Education and the country’s authorities for implementing this, the pressure was too much and sometimes children would be forced to consume alcohol after failing to make it in the exams. We have seen children previously opting to commit suicide even before the results are out” she said

The Psychologist further mentioned that other children would commit suicide after people mocked them for passing with lower grades.

“Once these pupils are mocked, they then perceive themselves as failures in life and subsequently opt to take their own lives or drink alcohol trying to enhance their confidence in society” said the Phycologist.

The comments by Mdlalose comes after Minister of Education Lady Howard-Mabuza announced that STD V and JC results are announced for the last time this year.

“We are announcing STD V, JC results for the last time this year, results are meant to be private and they should be accessed by the owner or those authorized by the owner” she said. 

Psychologist Ndo Mdlalose: Publicizing STD V, JC results cause suicides
Ndo Mdlalose