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EXPOSED: Petitioned MPs hold secret meeting, want to be supplied with guns to shoot and protect themselves from angry citizens.

Friday, 30th July, 2021

LOBAMBA: Members of Parliament(MPs) held a secret meeting where they discussed their security in the midst of the current political tension, they want firearms to protect themselves from angry citizens.

This comes after citizens across the country delivered petitions to their MPs demanding democratic reforms including social services, some MPs had promised to address the issues in Parliament.

But an independent investigation by this Swaziland News Investigation Unit uncovered electronic evidence suggesting that the secret meeting known as a “Parliamentary caucus” was held around 4pm on Thursday and chaired by Maphalaleni MP Mabulala Maseko where the issue of supplying the MPs with guns was discussed at length.

Manzini North MP Macford Sibandze who was vocal in motivating the idea of supplying the MPs with guns said as the issue surrounding their security was urgent, a short-cut must be used to secure the guns instead of the normal process. Sibandze said Government must also provide them with a loan facility that would assist with funds to buy the firearms.

“I understand the point made by Ndzingeni(MP Lutfo) We must also be trained so that we can know how to use the guns. Ngigcine ngiyofundziswa kutsi nawushaya ushaya njani. This is serious Bahlonishwa, even here in Parliament the people can just come in” ,said the Manzini North MP.

Hlane MP Mduduzi Magagula said as MPs, their lives remained in danger particularly with the “Kungahlwa Kwenile” slogan as some citizens are now discussing through social media groups to attack them. He said under the current situation, they might wake-up only to find their homes completely destroyed adding that even if they can survive, they might eventually die of stroke after witnessing the damage.

“Bahlonishwa, I understand you are talking about guns but once these people arrive, you will forget that you are owning a gun, they might kill you with your gun. Sekubi langephandle sisenkingeni”, said the Hlane MP.

But in the midst of the secret meeting, MP Macford Sibandze sounded very concerned that there might be someone who planted electronic devices within Parliament to listen to them.

This is very serious, even now we are not sure if the House is bugged or not, someone is listening”  ,he said.

Nkwene MP Vulimpompi Nhleko was one of the MPs who supported the idea of supplying them with guns, he said his brother was attacked by protesters who thought it was him.

“They attacked my brother and damaged his car thinking it’s me, bavele batsi nguye loVulimpompi lona”,said the MP.

Kwaluseni MP Sibusiso Mabhanisi Dlamini said it was clear that they were no longer protected as MPs to express their views as the people would  later question them.

We are concerned because once you speak here, the people will question and demand answers as to why we are  not talking like certain MPs” ,he said.

Worth-noting is that some MPs who received petitions from the citizens promised to discuss the issues raised in Parliament.

But now, it emerged through supporting evidence in our possession that the petitions were never discussed, instead the MPs were working towards approving a loan facility to assist them when buying the fire arms to protect themselves.

Efforts were made by this publication to reach Maphalaleni MP Mabulala Maseko, however, his phone rang unanswered on Thursday evening. He later called back this investigative journalist on Friday morning but declined to comment on the issue.

”I can’t comment, maybe we will talk about it later face-to face when you come back” said the Maphalaleni MP.

Reached for comments, Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) said it was unfortunate that some MPs are now planning to buy guns to kill the people who elected them into Parliament.

“We are now asking ourselves, who are   terrorists between the MPs who are planning to buy firearms to kill people and those who speak the truth in Parliament in the public interest? How can they plan to kill the poor people who elected them to Parliament where they are getting huge financial benefits? Now they want to use these benefits to buy guns to kill the very same people who elected them into the positions they hold”,said the NNLC President.

 EXPOSED: Petitioned MPs hold secret meeting, want to be supplied with guns to shoot and protect themselves from angry citizens.
MP Macford Sibandze