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Communist Party says poverty, political persecution forced Swazis to leave their country.

Saturday, 7th August, 2021

MBABANE: Pius Vilakati, the Spokesperson of the  Swaziland Communist Party(CPS) said most Swazis were either forced by poverty or political persecution to leave the country.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, the CPS Spokesperson said some were forced out of the country by the regime’s brutality against political activists adding that it was the duty of every Swazi in the country or abroad to contribute in the struggle for democracy. He said the contribution of those outside the country should enhance the good work of those inside.

“The contribution of exiles to the struggle can never be successful without collaboration with those inside the country. Some of the aspects covered by exiles include opening up platforms for the struggle to be profiled, such as media platforms and connecting the internal leadership with other key forces outside, such as COSATU, ANC, e.t.c and  also have the duty to mobilise key material from outside and smuggle them inside for distribution. A major role towards achieving democratic reforms is being played by diplomats. For the king to feel the pressure, more support should be shown by emaSwati in foreign countries\", said the CPS Spokesperson. 

Government Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini declined to comment when reached for comments by this publication.

Reached for comments ,Bheki Nxumalo a liSwati based in  Canada said emaSwati in Canada were supporting the struggle in different ways. 

“A lot of petitions have been circulating in lots of places to support the struggle in eSwatini because  we also have problems where the government fails to assist us. The circulation of petitions by diplomats has been really helpful because a lot of people are now aware of how emaSwati are suffering, since the King always paints a different picture to the world. We plead with emaSwati in foreign countries to keep on pushing and show support financially so that we can succeed in the struggle we are faced with,\"he said.

Communist Party says poverty, political persecution forced Swazis to leave their country.
Poverty forced Swazis to leave the the country(pic: Leap)