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So Mswati ordered armed soldiers to stage a coup within the Mamba Kingdom?

Sunday, 26th September, 2021

King Mswati provided soldiers with arms on Saturday to invade the Mamba Kingdom in order to install his relative as a King of the Mamba clan just to seize full control of all traditional structures in the country.

It should be noted that while we fight for democracy we must guard against political vultures like Mswati who manipulate our culture and way of life as Swazis for personal gain.

King Mswati’s desire to seize control of the Mamba Kingdom was influenced by the mineral resources within that territory, he wants to continue mining the Maloma Mine for his own benefit while the Swazi people and the descendants of Ntfulini and residents of that Kingdom lived below the poverty line.

King Mswati is a disgrace not only to the people of Eswatini but to some of the Dlaminis who are against this abuse of power, this country belongs to the people and interfering with their culture traditions amounts to destruction of their true identity.

What we witnessed on Saturday where the King ordered armed soldiers and the police to invade another Kingdom to install his relative as King was very unfortunate and it should be an eye opener to all Swazis that we are dealing with a monster here who wants to grab everything for himself.

Mswati did the same at Lomahasha, the Mahlalela clan have their own leader King Mlambo but he invaded that area to grab Nkalashane Farm that was used by residents of that area to earn a living, he did not consult traditional leaders of that area.

Now, children of the late King Maja and residents of that Mamba Kingdom need to defend their traditional identity, as Africans, we are very sensitive with our roots,Mswati is now destroying our cultural values and we might find ourselves not knowing where we come and that is dangerous for any human being.

How can a Dlamini arm the military and invade the home and territory of the Mambas to announce a King?

When BakaNgwane held meetings to install Mswati, other clans did not interfere in the process but now, Mswati is taking over everything, he is a disgrace to this Nation.

As we fight for democracy, we must protect our identity as Swazis. We are Africans, our culture and tradition describes who we are and Mswati shouldn’t mislead himself that he owns the culture of this Nation.

The elders of the Mamba clan announced King Bhokweni II as the successor to King Maja and Mswati must respect that. 

It is becoming a normal practice for Mswati to abuse power and send even police officers to invade our homes just because we don’t agree with him politically.

It should be noted that invading another man’s home with guns is against our culture not to mention the deployment of armed security officers to the Mamba territory to install a King while disregarding the traditional structures .

As Swazis fighting for democracy, we must remember that we are Africans and we must not allow Mswati to destroy our way of life, we must also liberate our culture that was captured by Mswati.

He branded even emahiya with his picture as if he owns our culture, in the process, he became power-drunk and started to invade a territory of the Mamba clan to forcefully announce a King.

In conclusion, it is important to state that Mswati is fast becoming a serious problem in this country and he must be removed as a matter of urgency.

 So Mswati ordered armed soldiers to stage a coup within the Mamba Kingdom?
King Bokweni of the Mamba Clan