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Editor warns Cabinet, says if secrecy continues he will use technological means to get information.

Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021

MBABANE: Swaziland News editor, Zweli Martin Dlamini has warned Cabinet that there would be no more secret Cabinet meetings if government failed to embrace transparency and accountability.

This comes after the editor published sentiments of Information Minister Princess Sikhanyiso that were discussed in a secret Cabinet meeting on Tuesday where she urged Government to consider employing community police as law enforcers.

The editor said in the midst of the current situation, it was important to invest in investigation and expose the things planned by this government behind closed doors.

“We will try our level best and seek assistance from our partners in technologically advanced countries so we can monitor these Cabinet meetings. The problem is, this government can plan to kill more people so all their meetings now are of vital public interest”, said the editor.

Dlamini warned Cabinet Ministers that from now onwards, they must know that anything they discussed in those Cabinet meetings might be in the public domain adding that those who were hypocrites, changing tunes behind closed doors and speak another political language in public would be exposed.

“We will start circulating some of the audios of this week's Cabinet meeting today(Wednesday) so that people can know what government is discussing. We believe anything discussed in Cabinet should not be a secret, the public deserves to know”, he said.

The editor urged Swazis to follow this publication online platforms saying some of secret discussions within these Cabinet meetings will be disseminated there.

Editor warns Cabinet, says if secrecy continues he will use technological means to get information.
Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini.