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REVEALED: Defense PS Prince Sicalo’s questionable passport, car during alleged guns smuggling trip.

Monday, 29th November, 2021

MBABANE: Prince Sicalo Nkopolo Dlamini, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defense used a highly questionable passport during his alleged gun smuggling trips.

Prince Sicalo allegedly sneaked out of the country on or around 22nd November 2021 using passport number 40555832 and a Mercedes Benz registered MSD 077 CM, he left through the Oshoek Border Gate.

An independent investigation conducted by this Swaziland News uncovered that even though the Prince has actively been using diplomatic passports, he decided to use an alternative one that only allowed him to travel within the SADC region. 

At least three diplomatic passports previously used by the Prince include passport numbers 20000738, 200001051 and  20001304, all these passports were later cancelled in eSwatini but still appeared in global immigration systems.

But in a letter sent to this publication  through his lawyers, Prince Sicalo said the information about his passport and vehicle details were obtained illegally by the editor.

“The information published regarding our client passport and vehicle registration details, we are instructed was obtained illegally by yourself. The publication of our client's private and confidential details(passport and vehicle registration) exposes our client to security risk and a threat to his life and those of his family members”, read the letter in part from Mathopo Attorneys in Johannesburg.

Eswatini , a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa and ruled by King Mswati as an absolute Monarch is facing growing calls for democratic reforms.

The  Defense Principal Secretary allegedly sneaked out of the country to buy guns allegedly, to shoot and kill protesting civilians.

REVEALED: Defense PS Prince Sicalo’s questionable passport, car during alleged guns smuggling trip.
Prince Sicalo