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EXPOSED: Prince Sicalo allegedly influenced Chief Justice in murder suspect Sipho Shongwe’s case after fight over wife.

Saturday, 18th December, 2021

MBABANE: Defense Principal Secretary Prince Sicalo Nkopolo Dlamini allegedly influenced Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala to make sure murder that suspect Sipho Shongwe remained behind bars.
Sipho Shongwe while behind bars made means to talk to this investigative journalist telephonically through an influential figure who is very close to royalty.
“Sipho has just called me, he said I must alert you to expect his call, he wants to discuss a very important matter with you”,said the influential figure whose name cannot be revealed for ethical reasons.
Sipho Shongwe who sounded very frustrated with the treatment he was receiving from the judiciary finally reached and told this journalist that his wife was an ex-girlfriend to Prince Sicalo and one day on or around 2016 while she was filling petrol at Total filling station next to the Gables, Prince Sicalo arrived and ordered his security officers to call her.
“When I arrived at the filing station, I found him talking to my wife and a confrontation erupted. Ngavele ngamtjela emehlweni-ke kutsi ngitokubulala and from there we were enemies. So I was arrested, he got an opportunity to influence the Chief Justice. I have people who can confirm lahamba abatjela kutsi mine angiyuze ngiphume ngoba ngifuna kumbulala(meaning: I have people who can confirm that I will never be released because I want to kill him”, said the murder suspect.
Shongwe who stands accused of killing businessman Victor Gamedze was arrested in January 2018 and charged with murder among others charges.
The murder suspect made this call to this journalist more than two years ago, however, due to the sensitivity of the matter, this publication has been conducting the necessary investigations and monitoring the events as they unfold within the judiciary to confirm the information that was already in our possession.
Indeed, the events unfolded, Judge Sipho Nkosi who was handling the case of Sipho Shongwe mentioned in an open court that there was interference in his judicial duties.
He was subsequently persecuted after he granted the accused bail that was rejected under questionable circumstances.
When this publication tried to reach Prince Sicalo so he could respond to the allegations, his phone was answered by a man who said the Prince was in a meeting.
“He is in a meeting neLibandla, I will tell him that you called”, he said.
This journalist then advised the man to alert Prince Sicalo about questions that were sent via his Whatsap number, however, the Prince had not responded at the time of compiling this report.
Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala did not answer his phone when contacted by this publication, he had not responded to a WhatsApp  message seeking his comment.
Prince Sicalo, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defense and Security emerged as the most powerful Prince with influence in the three arms of government.
His father, King Mswati is an absolute Monarch with Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers, he appoints Judges, Ministers, a majority of Senators and all members of the various Governing Councils.

EXPOSED: Prince Sicalo allegedly influenced Chief Justice in murder suspect Sipho Shongwe’s case after fight over wife.
Murder suspect Sipho Shongwe.