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Apostle Justice: Elijah fire must produce evidence that I own a snake

Wednesday, 8th April, 2020

MBABANE:Apostle Justice Dlamini, the founder of Mbabane Worship Centre has challenged Mkhemetelo Mkhantjwa known as Prophet Elijah Fire of the Hope Restoration Church to produce evidence suggesting that he owns a snake.

This comes after the Prophet made serious allegations in a widely circulating audio recording accusing Dlamini of owning a snake with a human head, he further alleged that the Apostle bribed Swazi Observer journalist Delisa Tfwala with E15,000.00 to scandalize him.

When asked by this Swaziland News on Wednesday morning to respond to the allegations, Dlamini said he will not entertain the Prophet but was waiting for him to produce evidence to substantiate the serious allegations.

“He claims to have evidence to substintiate the allegations, let his evidence talk for him” said the Worship Centre Senior Pastor.

Efforts were made by this publication to reach the journalist Delisa Tfwala so she can narrate her side of the story, however, she was not reachable.

The tension between the Apostle and the Prophet comes after series of articles published by the Swazi Observer accusing the Prophet of defying His Majesty King Mswati by continuing with church services in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. In an audio recording circulating on Whatsap, Elijah Fire further accused Dlamini of bribing Swazi Observer journalist Delisa Tfwala with E15,000.00 to scandalize him in the State-owned newspaper.

“What the Observer published is not true, but I have information that the female journalist from the Observer was bribed by Pastor Justice with E15,000.00 to scandalize Elijah Fire. We have been noticing cars belonging to this Pastor within our premises and I call upon him to stay away from Elijah Fire, I respect him and don’t want to focus on his matters. I am aware that his former maid who worked for him for years saw a snake with a human face. This lady came to me personally and narrated what happened within the home of this Pastor” said the Prophet in the audio.


Apostle Justice: Elijah fire must produce evidence that I own a snake
Apostle Justice Dlamini