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Royalty: We will speak next time, but all is well

Monday, 13th April, 2020

LOBAMBA: Confusion erupted on Sunday evening within the royal family after a scheduled press conference was halted in the midst of escalating pressure regarding the whereabouts of King Mswati.

The press conference was supposed to be held at Nkhanini, Lobamba but a word was then circulated within the media circles that it will take place at Lozitha. However, at the time of compiling this report, there was uncertainty regarding the purpose of the media briefing as some members of the royal family were vigorously opposed to it.

But Lusendvo Fakudze, the Ludzidzini Palace Governor when speaking to this Swaziland News on Sunday evening after being asked to reveal the next location of the press conference said:

“We will speak next time but everything is well. (sesiyawukhuluma ngalelinye lilanga sihleli phansi kodvwa-ke konkhe kuhamba kahle)” said the Governor.

However, shortly after this publication spoke to the Governor, senior royal sources told this journalist that the press conference might be shifted to Lozitha.

Even thou the purpose of the press conference could not be established at the time of compiling this report, royal sources said it was linked to the growing pressure regarding the whereabouts of the King.

King Mswati, an absolute Monarch has been missing from public eye since the coronavirus outbreak and nothing has been formally communicated to the Nation regarding his whereabouts. After members of the public started questioning the whereabouts of the King, government, formulated regulations that made it almost impossible for the Nation to share and freely discuss issues about COVID-19.  



Royalty: We will speak next time, but all is well
King Mswati III