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National Commissioner: Police to ensure compliance during full lockdown

Friday, 24th April, 2020

MBABANE: William Dlamini, the National Commissioner of Police has announced that the police will ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Regulations during the full lockdown that resume on Monday.

Speaking during a press conference held on Friday in Mbabane, the National Commissioner assured the Nation that officers were reminded that their duty was  to assist not to abuse members of the public. He said as the police, they will work in collaboration with the other security agencies in ensuring that citizens comply to the regulations. 

 “We would like to assure the Nation that all security officers have been reminded that their duty is to assist, not abuse members of the public but we appeal for compliance with the regulations” said the National Commissioner. 




National Commissioner: Police to ensure compliance during full lockdown
National Commissioner of Police William Dlamini(pic: Eswatini Daily News)