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King Mswati addresses Nation: Like everyone, I was ‘COVITED’

Thursday, 7th May, 2020

LOBAMBA: King Mswati has urged the Nation to adopt preventive measures and take COVID-19 seriously.

Addressing the Nation on Thursday at Ludzidzini Royal Residence, for the first time since he disappeared from public eye almost three months ago, the King acknowledged that the Nation was worried with his absence but jokingly clarified that like everyone, he was also  ‘COVITTED’.

“Siyati ke kutsi labanye bese bamehlwana sebakhala nje kutsi hhawu, asisaboni nemhelwane utsi yele. Kodvwa ke njengoba sonkhe sesaba COVITTED (meaning: We know some were worried with my absence saying I should at least address the Nation but there nothing we can do, we were all COVITED” he said.

The King said the virus came at the time when the country was in the process of restoring its economy and undermined all those efforts. 

He said the decision to ease the partial lockdown should not be interpreted that the country was now safe from the virus as preventive measures should be adopted including the wearing of masks.

“The decision to ease the lockdown does not mean the country is now safe from the virus and I would like to urge the Nation to adopt preventive measures and take the virus seriously. One of the preventive measures is the wearing of masks, everyone should wear a mask because this has proven to be more effective in controlling the virus” the King said.

The King noted that the virus forced even schools to shutdown adding that this was an unfortunate situation.

“We have never thought that schools will be closed, this is very unfortunate. I have noted that some are trying to use technology to conduct classes but the problem with technology is that not every child can afford to have access to technology” he said.

The Head of State urged the Nation to unite against the virus and further encouraged those who are at the forefront to be strong and continue the fight.

“We would like to encourage our heros who are at the forefront in the fight against the virus to stay strong. In situations like this, there are always heros who are at the forefront and we would like to encourage them” he said.

The King further emphasized the importance of washing hands saying this was also very important to avoid the spread of the virus. He noted that it has been a long time since he addressed the Nation and promised that he will now do so through the media as the country was in a lockdown.


King Mswati addresses Nation: Like everyone, I was ‘COVITED’
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