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Health Principal Secretary warns parents as four toddlers test positive for COVID-19

Monday, 8th June, 2020

MBABANE: The Ministerial statement issued by the Minister of Health, Lizzie Nkosi last night shows that of the 11 new confirmed cases, four are toddlers.

Reached for comment by this Swaziland News, the Principal Secretary in the ministry of health, Dr Simon Zwane warned young adults who have toddlers about exposing them to the virus.

“We have been dealing with asymptomatic young adults who might be infecting their children unknowingly. This is evidence that people do not use masks in their houses or homes where they live with toddlers. We urge parents to take extra precautions.”

Dr Zwane also noted that people are back on the streets and exposed to infection. “We do see a sense of complacency creeping in. People need to continue practising social distancing, washing hands with soap and running water or alcohol based hand sanitizer every time. Let us appropriately use face masks as advised. Parents with young children need to be extra cautious as children do get infected with coronavirus too” said the Principal Secretary.

Speaking to this publication, Bheki Mamba, the President of Swaziland Democratic Nurse’s Union (SWADNU) said it is worrying to see the number of toddlers infected going up. 

“We believe it has to do with their inquisitive behaviour. Young children want to touch surfaces which expose them. Parents must avoid kissing and hugging their children because asymptomatic parents may unknowingly infect their children” Mamba said.


Health Principal Secretary warns parents as four toddlers test positive for  COVID-19
Heath Principal Secretary Dr Simon Zwane