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CORRECTION: World Health Initiative SellBridge not linked to Stem Holdings

Thursday, 6th August, 2020

This week, we published follow-up story on the King’s dealings with Stem Holdings, a company based in the United States. However, a picture of a meeting between Prince Shlangusemphi and Management of World Health Initiative Sell Bridge, another entity that expressed interest in the cannabis industry was captioned as Stem Holdings Management thus implying that SellBridge was linked to Stem Holdings in the eyes of a reasonable reader.

After a formal engagement between the Management of SellBridge and the editor, we hereby correct and clarify that SellBridge has no links with Stem Holdings. 

Tim Smith, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pioneering Operations Through Sellbridge confirmed to the Swaziland News that they did meet eSwatini Government regarding a Cannabis producing license, however, he said their proposal was a humanitarian proposal to license community farmers at a local level.

While we appreciate our role as the media to inform the public and expose corruption, we do understand that even inaccuracy in the captioning of pictures might cause damage to people’s reputation and threaten legitimate investments.

We therefore apologize to SellBridge and their clients for the damage this might have caused.  



CORRECTION: World Health Initiative SellBridge not linked to Stem Holdings
SellBridge meeting with Prince Shlangusemphi