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King Mswati’s royal police brutally assault, arrest protesting students, William Pitcher College closed.

Tuesday, 1st December, 2020

MANZINI: Xolani Maseko, the President of the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS) has confirmed that 7 students from the William Pitcher College in Manzini has been arrested. 

This comes after the students embarked in a protest action on Monday evening in demand for allowances resulting to King Mswati Government sending a battalion of police officers to brutally assault them.

“The students were forcefully removed by the police and severely beaten and teargas canisters were released inside the students residential rooms. As we speak the students are hiding in forests next to Campus in fear of their lives” said the SNUS President through an official statement.

In a separate interview, the students President said seven(7) students were beaten and subsequently arrested by the police for engaging in a protest over government failure to release the allowances, their names cannot be revealed for now pending further investigations regarding the charges they might face.

Phindile Vilakati, the Eswatini police Spokesperson joined the fast lane and avoided questions when asked about the brutal assault of the students. 

But Bongumenzi Mkhonta, the Secretary General of the William Pitcher College Students Representive Council(SRC) when speaking to this publication while in hiding said police hunting them.

“We are in hiding as we speak, the police are now using other students to call us asking pleading with us to reveal where we are are, they want to know our whereabouts" he said.

On another note, Ntombifuthi Mhlongo, the Acting Principal at William Pitcher College announced through a memo on Tuesday  that the institution has been temporally closed in the midst of the protests and ordered students to vacate the premises. 

King Mswati’s royal police brutally assault, arrest protesting students, William Pitcher College closed.
Injured student