• Breaking News – MP TIMOTHY MYENI: I regret supporting this oppressive government.
  • Breaking News – MP TIMOTHY MYENI: I regret supporting this oppressive government.
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EXPOSED: Princess Sikhanyiso buys Mercedes Benz worth over E600,000.00 for military boyfriend with taxpayers money.

Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020

MBABANE: Princess Sikhanyiso, the first born daughter of King Mswati used tax-payers money to buy a Mercedes Benz worth over E600,000.00  registered CL 81 GG GP for her military boyfriend Khayelihle Patrick Dlamini.

Princess Sikhanyiso, the Minister of Information, Communication and Technology(ICT) has benefitted close to E1million in salaries while sitting at home, she had earlier refused to resume her Cabinet duties until the late Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini was removed from power.

An independent investigation by this Swaziland News uncovered that before Khayelihle Dlamini, a member of the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force(UEDF) was ‘blessed’ by the Princess with the Mercedes Benz, he was driving a VW polo registered VSD 888 AS, Dlamini later handed over the VW Polo to his other girlfriend Lindelwa Radebe who works for the Department of Geology under the Ministry of Natural Respurces and Energy.

It has been disclosed that Radebe is a 'wife' to one of the close royal family members and has been in a ‘secret’ relationship with Khayelihle Dlamini even before the soldier became intimate with Princess Sikhanyiso.

But a separate investigation into the particulars of the vehicles suggests that even though the VW Polo that was previously used by the soldier is now driven by his other ‘girlfriend’(Radebe) it is still registered under the name “Khayelihle Patrick Dlamini”

On or around November 2020, in the midst of this investigation, the two vehicles were spotted parked at Khayelihle Dlamini’s home where Dlamini and Radebe had gone to ‘relax’, royal insiders revealed that Princess Sikhanyiso had given the soldier more money to renovate his parental home before she came to officially present her child to the Dlaminis as per the Swazi Law and Custom, however, the soldier is said to have misappropriated the money.

A questionnaire was sent to Princess Sikhanyiso where she was asked to respond to the allegations, particularly the undue benefit from the taxpayers money that she then used to ‘bless’ her boyfriend, she had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

This publication, quoting her public statement, reported last week that the Princess who defied the late Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini and went on a maternity leave that she later extended to relax with her boyfriend while getting paid , denied that she was interested in becoming the next PM, this was after she was heavily questioned by members of the public to explain the circumstances surrounding the death of the Prime Minister who died about two weeks ago, allegedly after testing positive to COVID-19.

“Prime Ministers are selected from the royal households of the Dlamini but not the ruling household, so stop degrading yourself with these infantile thoughts” said the Princess.

Khayelihle Dlamini, the Princess' boyfriend and his other girlfriend Lindelwa Radebe joined the fast lane when asked about the relationship that is funded indirectly by taxpayers money.

Reached for comments, Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT)said it is shocking that Minister Princess Sikhanyiso who benefits from taxpayers money while sitting at home has embarked on an extravagant spending with her boyfriend.

“We expect her to be at work but she is refusing to resume her Cabinet duties while on the other hand she continues to benefit salaries from public coffers. When we demand better salaries as civil servants, we are told that there’s no money. But now here is Princess Sikhanyiso who is getting paid for doing nothing and has embarked on a extravagant spending, where are those who always tell us there’s is no money?” said the SNAT President.

The Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union(SWADNU) recently took the ‘financially struggling government’ to court for failing to provide drugs in hospitals and Personal Protective Clothing(PPEs) for health workers, it's President Bheki Mamba later told this publication that the situation was getting worse as the health system continues to collapse.

Pius Vilakati, the Spokesperson of the Communist Party of Swaziland(CPS) said the purchasing of the Mercedes Benz by Princess Sikhanyiso for her boyfriend was part of the looting by the royal family.

“Princess Sikhanyiso is enjoying that powerful influence within the royal family, until the people unite against this, the royal family will continue to loot” said the CPS Spokesperson.

EXPOSED: Princess Sikhanyiso buys Mercedes Benz worth over E600,000.00 for military boyfriend with taxpayers money.
Princess Sikhanyiso buys Mercedes for her boyfriend with taxpayers money