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Senator Isaac Magagula's son cons women vendor E5000.00 in a cash for police jobs scandal

Sunday, 17th January, 2021

MBABANE: Mduduzi Magagula, the son to former National Commissioner of Police Senator Isaac Magagula allegedly used the influence of his father to con members of the public thousands of Emalangeni in a cash for police jobs scandal.
Make Shongwe, a vendor at John Wesley Secondary School at Msunduza in Mbabane who happens to be one of the victims of the wayward son of the then National Commissioner confirmed to this Swaziland News that Mduduzi Magagula, a teacher in the same school conned her E5000.00, she was desperately looking for a job for her child.
It has been disclosed that Magagula took the money on or around 2018, however, his father was later appointed a Senator making it difficult for him to fulfil his promise.
“It’s true, he took E5000.00 from me kodvwa-ke angicabangi kutsi kukahle lokutsi abe exposed, mine bengifuna nje kutsi ayibhadale ngoba naye bekazama imphilo ngeligama leYise (meaning: I don’t think it’s good to expose him, all I want is for him to pay back the money, he was trying to earn a living using his father's name”,she said.
Teachers at John Wesley Secondary school who alerted this Swaziland News about the cash for police jobs scandal alleged that many aspiring police officers would consistently visit the school and violently demand their money back from the former National Commissioner's son after learning that Isaac Magagula was now a Senator and can no longer assist them with securing employment in the police service.
“We are tired of Mduduzi's scandals, people come to the school and disturb us, while demanding their money back after he promised them jobs in the police service. One of the victims that you can talk to is Make Shongwe, a vendor within the school, he took money from her promising that he will facilitate employment for her child in the police service and that matter is known in the school” said one of the teachers at John Wesley in Mbabane.
When reached for comments, Mduduzi Magagula, the former National Commissioner's son dropped the call after learning that this journalist was calling, a questionnaire was then sent to him and his father through their mobile phones, however, both of them had not responded at the time of compiling this report.
Senator Isaac Magagula, the father of Mduduzi Magagula was recently implicated in a finger-print scandal in that he colluded with other senior police officers to delete finger-prints and or criminal records of ex-convicts with the intention of employing convicted criminals in the police service, however, he used his power to block an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC).
Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom situated in the Southern Africa has about 70% of the population living the poverty line, the high un-employment resulted to some members of the public particularly women becoming victims of those in power, who cons them their money promising jobs in government and the private sector.

Senator Isaac Magagula's son cons women vendor E5000.00 in a cash for police jobs scandal
Former National Commissioner Isaac Magagula and his son Mduduzi