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African Christian College President accused of stripping female students naked in search for missing E2000

Friday, 22nd January, 2021

MATSAPHA: Brad Carter, the President of the African Christian College (ACC) has been accused of humiliating female students by stripping them naked in search for E2000.00 that went missing.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, one of the students who was allegedly humiliated revealed that on or around November 2019 an amount of E 2000 belonging to one Muziwababa Sithole went missing and the college’s President demanded that about 20 female students be stripped naked and be  searched for the missing money. 

“We were at the Cafeteria when the money was discovered to be missing, they then took us to the toilets and we were stripped naked.  Some of us were taken to the boys’ toilets, I suffered a great deal of humiliation when one male student mistakenly opened the door and found me naked”, said one of the female students.

In a public statement released on Tuesday, Bafanabakhe Sacolo, the Secretary General of the Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) described the college’s President as an arrogant racist.

“The college is headed by Brad Carter who is one of the biggest and arrogant racists and has no regards for ethics. He has made students to strip naked after accusing them of stealing money which was not found and never apologised to the students but threatened them against reporting the matter. The expulsion of the students reflects that the institution is reactionary, racist and anti –black,” reads the statement in part.

But Brad Carter the President for the African Christian College, when reached for comments by this publication dismissed the allegations, he further clarified that the students who were fired at the college as indicated by the students union in their statement were found guilty of consuming alcohol.

“It is not true that the students were forced to strip naked as punishment for lost money, we had a theft problem in 2019 and we did searches across campus. Students were asked to turn out their pockets and shake out their clothes in private as part of the search. It is true that a student was dismissed for drinking alcohol while on probation for a previous case of drinking .He was dismissed and wasn’t put on a one-year suspension, he was denied re-admission to the college because he had not shown progress. A student was dismissed for plagiarism in October 2020 after having committed a similar offence in 2019, as with other reputable Universities, African Christian College takes academic integrity seriously”, said the President.

African Christian College President accused of stripping female students naked in search for missing E2000
Brad Carter-African Christian College President.