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King Mswati’s son Prince Majaha celebrates SWADEPA President Jan Sithole’s death, doctor’s report reveals he was poisoned.

Sunday, 31st January, 2021

MBABANE: Prince Majaha and his father King Mswati have been celebrating the death of Jan Sithole, the President of the Swaziland Democratic Party(SWADEPA) in the midst of an international investigation that seeks to establish evidence to collaborate a doctor’s report suggesting that the powerful political activist was poisoned.

Collaboration evidence is evidence that seeks to support a proposition that is already supported by some initial evidence confirming the proposition, in this regard, senior SWADEPA officials told this Swaziland News that even though the doctor’s report confirmed that their President was poisoned, international partners suggested that further investigations should be conducted to ascertain how the poison entered his body before the matter could be taken further.

Reached for comments by this publication, Mbongiseni Shabangu, the Secretary General of the Swaziland Democratic Party(SWADEPA) confirmed that traces of poison were indeed found in Jan Sithole’s body, he said the reaction of the royal family towards his death raised eyebrows in the midst of the poisoning allegations.

“Actually it raises eyebrows to a high number of Emaswati who heard about the traces of poison that were found in Jan Sithole’s lungs and colon.Even if you wanted to shy away from such conspiracies, such behaviour makes you to think otherwise”, said the SWADEPA Secretary General.

On Sunday, the Times of Eswatini published an interview with Prince Majaha where he maintained that he would never forgive the SWADEPA President whom he said gave his father King Mswati a hard time by calling for democratic reforms. The sentiments of the Prince came after a leaked video where he was celebrating the death of the political activist with the late Labour Minister Makhosi Vilakati who also secretly working as Cabinet's 'intelligence officer', spies on Members of Parliament.

“I don’t like anyone who is giving my dad a hard time”,said the Prince when interviewed by the Times.

Speaking to this publication on the subject matter, Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) said it was now clear that Jan Sithole was poisoned by the royal family.

"This then tells us that no one is safe in this country particularly those who are calling for democracy, it would be hard for the people to allow the institution of the Monarchy to exist once we attain democracy because of its behaviour and hatred towards the citizens" said the NNLC President.  

Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa is ruled by King Mswati, an absolute Monarch, political parties are banned from participating in elections, the King appoints the Prime Minister, a majority of Senators, entire Cabinet, Judges and all members of the various Governing Councils.

The King normally unleashes State security agents to torture and harass political activists, independent journalists and human rights defenders, some died in police custody.

Mbongiseni Shabangu, the SWADEPA Secretary General said through the assistance of international organisations, they were compiling the list of all Emaswati who suffered injustices at the hands of the King’s regime for future prosecution.

King Mswati’s son Prince Majaha celebrates SWADEPA President Jan Sithole’s death, doctor’s report reveals he was poisoned.
Prince Majaha celebrates SWADEPA President Jan Sithole's death