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Senator Mkhululi 'Dubula' Dlamini urges Chiefs to deal with vocal MPs who speak for the people in Parliament.

Thursday, 25th March, 2021

LOBAMBA: Senator Mkhululi Dlamini, the former vocal Hhukwini Member of Parliament(MP) has called upon Chiefs to discipline all vocal MPs accusing them of delaying progress in Parliament.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Dlamini who was once vocal in Parliament on issues of accountability with the likes of Motshane MP Robert Magongo, Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo and former Khubutha MP Charles Myeza among others said the current vocal MPs were Swazis before being MPs, hence Chiefs must call them to order.

This comes after Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg told Senators that the budget was being delayed by a political clique of MPs who wanted to cause anarchy in the country.

“We will end up with chaos in the country if they succeed with their mission”, said the Finance Minister when addressing Senators.

Even though no names were mentioned, it is public knowledge that Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane, Hosea MP Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Matsanjeni North MP Phila Buthelezi recently ‘halted’ the debate of the budget and brought urgent  issues issues in Parliament that were affecting the public.

Among the issues that were raised  was the payment of school fees for last year, MP Buthelezi successfully moved a motion that forced Education Minister Lady-Howard Mabuza to stop collecting school fees for the previous year from parents.

Eswatini, a country situated in Southern Africa is ruled by King Mswati, an absolute Monarch with Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers. Political parties are banned from participating in elections, Members of Parliament(MPs) who were elected by the people through the widely criticised undemocratic Tinkhundla system of governance, are restricted from debating critical issues and holding the government accountable. MPs who are brave enough to demand accountability from government, are arrested on fabricated criminal charges and harassed by the police including the King's traditional leaders some who are members of the same Parliament.

Senator Mkhululi 'Dubula' Dlamini urges Chiefs to deal with vocal MPs who speak for the people in Parliament.
Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi Simelane