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Investigative journalist Eugene Dube wins Swaziland News story of the year

Saturday, 28th December, 2019

MBABANE:Swaziland News investigative journalist Eugene Dube’s Rolls Royce story made an impact within Kingdom of eSwatini and internationally, it is our story of the year.

Dube’s story created a framework of debate in the local politics and international politics, pro-democracy activists intensified the calls for democracy after they felt King Mswati was abusing state resources.

Another story that made an impact in the country and internationally include “China’s $72000.00 for Swazi MPs to oust Taiwan” it was written by Zweli Martin Dlamini. This is another story that sparked debates in Parliament and the corridors of power, it generated public opinion on whether it was in the interest of the country to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan or eSwatini should switch to the Mainland China.

Other stories inlcude “King Mswati’s neglected Prince Mzwandile” who wants to be connected with his father. The Prince told the Swaziland News that his father is King Mswati, he further alleged that he has been blocked several times from meeting the King. We have also published investigative articles that include: “Finance Minister and the capitalist syndicate”, “EXPOSED: E100million scholarship monies transferred from Recovery Account”. Beneath King Mswati’s lavish lifestyle: The story of perishing teachers.

Series of articles authored by our political analyst Mfomfo Nkambule were also published. “Let’s have a referendum to decide the future of this country” made an impact in the corridors of power.

We wish our readers, credible sources of the Swaziland News and all stakeholders a Happy New Year. As we strengthen our editorial team, we promise more exciting news next year.


God bless you 


FROM: The editorial team

Investigative journalist Eugene Dube wins Swaziland News story of the year
Swaziland News Investigative Journalist Eugene Dube