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Simohlwana elevated as the highest ‘qualification’ , Government destroys University of Eswatini

Saturday, 10th April, 2021

As the media, we have been focusing on Government's failure to provide students with scholarships and or allowances but the reality suggests that the University of Eswatini(UNESWA) is struggling with working equipment and this comprises the quality of education offered within that institution of higher learning.

Well, being an editor has helped me to fully understand that the agenda of the current oppressive Government is not about frustrating University students but the entire education system is in a mess as you read this article. The University of Eswatini is struggling with resources to fully implement online learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic yet we have a Government that collects tax, not to develop this country but to feed the royal family.

This agenda by the Tinkhundla Government has seen the youth scrambling to undergo kubutseka(to show loyalty to the King)because simohlwana has been elevated as the highest ‘qualification’ in a country where graduates are made to suffer with their qualifications.

King Mswati must be transparent and tell the Nation why he hates education because it seems like almost everyone from Primary school to the Universities is now frustrated.

Among the challenges within the education sector, Headteachers and Lectures are struggling with resources and or working equipment, on the other hand, Government is playing politics regarding issues surrounding the employment of teachers on contracts.

Perhaps as the media, we need to dedicate time and seek clear answers from this Government as to why highly qualified teachers are employed on contracts, what’s the purpose of being educated if graduates would then be treated like slaves of the regime?.

Being an Educator is a permanent job, it’s against labour laws for Government to employ teachers as casuals and above all, it comprises the quality of education.

Government must pump millions and provide the University of Eswatini with resources, pay Lectures highly competitive salaries so that we could have a highly skilled human resource for the development of this country.

This tendency of elevating low minded individuals with simohlwana to higher positions is now costing our country. We are now in a serious social and economic crisis and a majority of the people in leadership cannot provide solutions, those with skills are sabotaged in favour of those who were employed after undergoing kubutseka.

The current crisis requires the highest level of intelligence,graduates who are supposed to be contributing their skills and develop this country are struggling at home with their qualifications while those with royal connections and simohlwana are swinging in air-conditioned offices doing nothing.

It’s clear now that being intelligent is a serious crime in this country, you can be arrested and thrown behind bars just for demonstrating qualities of intelligence and objective thinking.

This Government elevated tibutseki to higher positions , are we expecting those tibutseki to bring solutions to the current social and economic challenges affecting this country?. 

In conclusion, let me warn the Nation that we must keep our eyes wide open, the education crisis in our country is far above Government’s failure to pay students allowances, Lectures are struggling with resources and now in some Universities and or Colleges, the State is even failing to pay their salaries on time. We need a new democratic Government that will prioritize education as the future of our country.

Simohlwana elevated as the highest ‘qualification’ , Government destroys University of Eswatini
King Mswati