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Education Minister: We are publicizing STD V, JC results for last time this year.

Saturday, 4th January, 2020

MBABANE: Lady-Howard Mabuza, the Minister of Education and Training has announced that government through the Exams Council was publicizing Standard Five and Junior Certificate (JC) results for the last time this year. 

Speaking during a press conference at the Ministry’s Offices today, the Minister said results are private and as such they should accessed by the owner or those authorized by the owner.

“We are publicizing the results for the last time this year, we have realized that it is not proper to publicize someone results because they are personal” the Minister said.

This was met with mixed feelings among the journalists who attended the press conference. Timothy Simelane, a senior reporter from the Times of Swaziland asked if Education Ministry consulted with stakeholders before taking the decision. Responding to this, the Minister said maintained that publicizing results were causing problems from parents and pupils resulting to suicides as those who did not do well are stigmatized.

“We maintain that this was causing problems, so now that the Exams Council is implementing that decision, we hope other stakeholders will follow sure results for students are protected” she said.







Education Minister: We are publicizing STD V, JC results for last time this year.
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