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Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni says he supports Tinkhundla Government to sustain his political career.

Tuesday, 25th May, 2021

LOBAMBA: Timothy Myeni, the Nkilongo Member of Parliament(MP) says his strategy to sustain his political career is to support and side with the current Tinkhundla Government.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday in the midst of growing calls for the country to adopt multi-party democracy, the Nkilongo MP said ever since he joined politics he has been voting in support of Government all the time during Parliament debates to sustain his political career. He said his good behaviour of not challenging Government helped him secure projects for his Constituency. The MP then praised Acting Prime Minister Senator Themba Masuku for what he described as a brilliant speech that addresses the current challenges facing the country.

“Ever since I arrived in Parliament as an MP, I normally vote and support Government and I’ve never voted against Government. That’s why the people of Lubulini would consistently vote for me because Government would then support the Constituency since I am not causing troubles in Parliament by fighting Government. My good behavior here in Parliament helps the people so that when I approach Government for assistance, it would be easy, that’s my strategy. I would like to thank the Acting Prime Minister for this brilliant statement that will help us address the current challenges we are facing as a country where the public keep of asking us why we are silent in Parliament. We are not silent but we know where and when to talk”, said the Nkilongo MP.

Myeni further praised the Acting Prime Minister saying he delivered the statement like an annointed person adding that he was very steady and eloquent. Parliament resumed business on Tuesday after almost a  two month suspension allegedly by the  King in the midst of growing calls outside and inside Parliament for regime change.

Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni says he supports Tinkhundla Government to sustain his political career.
Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni