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Sibaya remains a complete waste of time, elected Prime Minister, President must be ratified by Parliament.

Friday, 28th May, 2021

With about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, citizens who hardly afford a decent meal are manipulated by King Mswati who prepares meat, summons them to Sibaya just to mislead the world that eSwatini is democratic.
Perhaps, it is important to state that some of the people who attend these Sibaya gatherings are the elderly and the unemployed youth,some who were systematically deprived their right to education so that they can continue depending on King Mswati just for a day's plate of food with meat.
It is very important to state that the political strategy by this current government to assembly vulnerable citizens at the cattle byre situated in the premises of another man’s home and portray that as democracy will soon reach its expiry date, we cannot reduce and isolate our political thinking into Sibaya.
Democratic principles suggest that national decisions including the election of a Prime Minister or President should be endorsed by Parliament, currently, King Mswati is taking advantage of the vulnerable and poor citizens by summoning them into his premises just to announce a Prime Minister who will protect his interests.
It should be noted that the Cattle byre situated at Ludzidzini Royal Palace cannot accomodate the over one million citizens for the King and his Government to convince us that what is discussed there reflects the will of the people, as mentioned, most of these people go there just for a one day decent meal.
I am journalist with the full understanding of how the Tinkhundla system manipulates the minds of the people through this Sibaya political propaganda, State controlled photo-journalists are sometimes ordered to take pictures of the crowd on one side, those pictures are then published in the front page just to mislead the world and the Nation that Sibaya was filled into capacity. Pictures of the empty area that could expose the unpopularity of the regime to the Nation and the world are censored, it is for these reasons this Government developed hostility against the independent media because it has been surviving through misleading information.
Parliament, a very important institution in a democratic society that should be functioning independently by taking national decisions is being censored just because some MPs are calling for democracy. This is actually what happened in 1973 and it confirms that this government does not tolerate any opposition, it actually a dictatorship government and or political chameleon that strives to portray itself as democratic.
As the the calls for democracy intensify with the youth taking the lead, the world will be monitoring how the King’s Government will respond to the will of the people, we have seen ‘cooked’ diplomatic press statements by Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku trying to do damage control on police brutality but because propaganda has an expiry date, unaware, Prince Simelane exposed what was actually discussed behind the scenes.
The Prince, who is also the Minister of Housing was speaking in Parliament and is on hansard declaring war against the citizens by calling upon the police and soldiers to fight ‘fire with fire’, this was contrary to the speech delivered by the Acting Prime Minister.
The Housing Minister by virtue of being a brother to the King and a member of the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force(UEDF) gave the Nation and the whole world evidence that Cabinet unleashes police officers and soldiers on unarmed citizens and subsequently pretend to be investigating police brutality, this propaganda will no longer work for this oppressive regime.
It’s a pity that politicians like Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku and Prince Simelane are very old, they might think our analysis on national issues and thinking capabilities does not go beyond their shallow political imagination. Prince Simelane thinks the statement he made in Parliament will end within the corridors of that House, he is not aware that his statement will now be quoted to substantiate any police brutality on protestors.
The statement by the Prince confirms that of Prince Majaha on Jan Sithole’s death and King Mswati who declared war against the citizens in 1996 and 2008 respectively. As a result of the presence of an independent media that now commands a huge following among the people, the days of the Tinkhundla system are numbered.
We will expose this Government that unleashes security forces behind the scenes to kill citizens and subsequently pretend to be investigating, no criminal can investigate another criminal.
An old man who submitted at Sibaya and criticised royalty for grabbing land from poor citizens was later attacked by police and that incident which exposed the dangers of expressing yourself even at the Cattle Byre was never given enough mileage the by State controlled media.
Now, MPs who speak in Parliament, an institution that should be seen promoting the freedom of expression are targeted and labelled as sellouts, slowly, the Tinkhundla government is scoring own goals for the whole Nation and the world to see.
It’s commendable to see that as we continue providing information to the Nation, people have started demanding their rights, this Government has been thriving by misleading the people.
Under a new democratic government, national decisions like the election of a Prime Minister or President should be ratified by Parliament as an institution and or an arm of Government that represents the interests of the people.
We don’t want King Mswati to undermine our intelligence by calling us into a Cattle Byre to announce his Prime Minister, people must elect their own Head of Government and that Prime Minister or President will be sworn in as a member of Parliament and be accountable to the people through the Legislative Arm of Government.
We need a Government that will empower the people with sustainable jobs, create business opportunities so that the citizens can be financially independent and afford a decent meal, not to systematically push them into poverty so that they can scramble for food in your Cattle Byre and call that political slavery 'democracy'.
Sibaya remains a complete waste of time, elected Prime Minister, President must be ratified by Parliament.
King Mswati during Sibaya