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Taiwan Ambassador says election results will not affect diplomatic ties with eSwatini

Thursday, 9th January, 2020

MBABANE: His Excellency Jeremy Liang, the Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan said the results of the highly anticipated Presidential elections will not affect his country’s diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of eSwatini.

Taiwan goes to the polls this week on 11 January 2020 in the midst of political uncertainty as the Mainland China intensify pressure to re-unite with the island it claims as its breakaway province. Responding to questions from this Swaziland News, the Ambassador said the diplomatic ties between the Kingdom of eSwatini and Taiwan were very strong and guided by their foreign policy hence it will not be affected by the elections results. He was asked by this publication to clarify the diplomatic future of his country with the Kingdom in the event opposition candidate Han Kuo-Yu win the elections and become the next President. The opposition candidate is expected to ‘lock horns’ with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen who want Taiwan to remain an independent State. 

But Han Kuo-Yu, a former Mayor of the southern Kaohsiung town who represent the Nationalist Party and supported by the Mainland China, is said to be working towards re-uniting the Island with China. However, despite the political uncertainty, Ambassador Liang confidently confirmed that Taiwan will remain an independent State and maintain the ties with eSwatini regardless of the elections results.

“Our relations with eSwatini are strong and guided by our foreign policy so it doesn’t matter who win the elections, the diplomatic ties will remain strong” said the Ambassador. 

On or around July 2019, Han Kuo-You was quoted by Deutsche Welle (DW), a German international broadcaster describing the Taiwan’s full independence from the Mainland China as “more scary” than syphilis. China considers the self-ruled island as a breakaway region.

Reached for comments, Thulie Dladla, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation said the country enjoys diplomatic ties with Taiwan not a particular political party hence the ties will not be affected by the outcomes of the elections.

“As a country, we have diplomatic ties with Taiwan not a political party so, the outcomes of the elections will not affect the relations between the two countries” said the Minister.






Taiwan Ambassador says election results will not affect diplomatic ties with eSwatini
Taiwan Ambassador to eSwatini with King Mswati(PIC: Twitter:ROC Taiwan)