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Good bye Army Commander, you have learnt a lesson Sir.

Friday, 3rd September, 2021

Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala never imagined that one day, King Mswati would force him to resign based on articles and evidence released by a publication critical of the current government.

It’s a pity that apart from losing a job, Shabalala is now facing marital problems as a result of the evidence we released, we hope he will be a man and solve his problems.

Shabalala has learnt that you can be an Army General in this world, have all types of weapons and bombs but those weapons will never fight the truth.

Indeed, the independent media represents the interests of the people and has an obligation to report the truth at all times, anyone who fights the truth will never win but will eventually fall.

This reality does not only applies to Jeffery Shabalala alone but even Mswati who uses weapons of war against innocent civilians will eventually fall, it’s just a matter of time.

Jeffery Shabalala, as an Army Commander was given all the powers by Mswati to unleash soldiers on unarmed civilians including to trace, shoot and kill the editor of this newspaper merely for writing critical articlesz

This means Mswati has been ruling the people by using captured journalists to blind them with false information and now the truth is shaking his Throne.

Resigned Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala was given weapons of war and commanded to try and fight the truth only to fall disgracefully.

It is an undisputed reality that the truth is always at war with lies and propaganda, but the truth will always win, even an Army General will never win against the will of the people.

Journalism represents the interests of the people and is their voice. 

It is for this reason the world and or international organizations would quickly raise a voice whenever a journalist was in trouble because once a dictator is allowed to control all journalists, that means the people will no longer breathe because their voice has been politically suffocated.

Maybe, Shabalala was blinded by the fact that many journalists are captured in this country and they don’t criticize the King, he thought that was a standard practice. It was surprising how a Head of State could be immune to criticism in complete disregard of the fundamental principles and values accountability.

The resigned Army Commander then went an extra mile trying to silence journalism yet he was digging his own grave.

Before concluding my article, let me highlight that journalism is a very important institution in the administration of the country that provides information. As the Fourth Estate, it influences decisions for the other three arms of Government.

Journalism is not an individual but an institution whose integrity should be uphold at all times, it plays a significant role in promoting the Constitutional right to access to information.

No one should be allowed to undermine the right to information, not even an Army General or the King himself, he doesn’t have the monopoly to decide on what the people should know.

The fall of Jeffery Shabalala is a good example that you can have all weapons of war, but you will never win against the truth. After the fall of General Shabalala, we are patiently waiting for King Mswati to fall, he will eventually fall and the people shall govern.

 Good bye Army Commander, you have learnt a lesson Sir.
Resigned Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala