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Sive Siyinqaba Ngom’yayona Gamedze’s political repentance is not opportunism.

Tuesday, 5th October, 2021

Sive Siyinqaba’s Ngomyayona Gamedze, the former Senate Deputy President was systematically labeled an opportunist by the State owned Swazi Observer merely for participating in the mass protest to deliver a petition to the Embassy of the United States of America, eZulwini.

Perhaps, let me clarify that there is a thin line between opportunism and political repentance where a politician took a conscious decision to defect, dump an oppressive system and side with the people.

The political temperatures in this country have reached the boiling point, people who openly call for democracy are arrested by Mswati who continues to rule with an iron fist.

It is therefore cowardice of the highest order for that captured media to call Ngomyayona Gamedze who risked his life and openly stand with people an opportunist.

Actually, the pro-democracy movement should encourage more defections among former and current Legislators, we need their expirience in the coming new democratic government, labeling them opportunists is an expired political strategy that seeks to divide the struggle for democracy.

Political temperatures changes from time to time and influence political opinions on how that particular country, is governed,

therefore changing your position on issues of governance is not opportunism unless there is evidence suggesting that you did so for personal gain.

It should be noted that some of the politicians like Ngomyayona Gamedze who previously served in the current government are very brilliant and understands politics, but they couldn’t achieve anything under an oppressive regime.

Many people were supporting King Mswati and the Tinkhundla system because they thought it represents the interest of the people and after receiving information that it’s seeks to legitimize royal supremacy, those politicians are free to change their minds and support democracy.

A brave man is allowed to change his mind, therefore, former Senate President Ngomyayona Gamedze is not an opportunist but a hero, who openly declared his political position knowing that he might be targeted by the police thereafter.

Political opportunism occurs where a politician side with a certain clique for personal benefit, as the situation stands, Ngoma has made a choice to be with the masses. 

Gamedze’s participation in the purely political march on Friday was about him exercising his political right as a swazi there's nothing like being an opportunist in that.

Therefore, it is important to state that we welcome any effort even from the Members of Parliament(MPs)in Marwick Khumalo and Timothy Myeni who tried to register a pro-democracy motion in Parliament that was rejected by Speaker Petros Mavimbela.

Actually, Swazis support anyone who contribute to the struggle for democracy, that’s why Nkilongo MP Timothy Myeni who previously declared support for Tinkhundla system in Parliament was welcomed as a hero during the protest because he changed his mind to side with the people.

Regardless of their previous sentiments in Parliament, politicians like Ngoma Gamedze and Timothy Myeni who demonstrated political repentance must be encouraged to side with the people.

Reading the article published by the Observer, it seems the captured media is afraid that the more influential politicians within the system defect to join the struggle for the democracy, the Tinkhundla machinery is weakened.

Political opportunism refers to someone who disregard political principles and values to mantains political support for personal or organizational benefit.

Sive Siyinqaba previously supported the institution of the Monarchy but if they have seen the light, we must welcome their contributions as we advance the calls for democratic reforms.

In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to state that as we intensify the struggle for democracy, we need more defections within the system, that should not be described as opportunism but it’s political repentance.

It is risky for any politician to come out and openly call for democracy at this critical time, therefore former Senate President is hero, any attempt by low  minded captured journalists to label political leaders opportunists with intent to divide the movement must be rejected.

Sive Siyinqaba Ngom’yayona Gamedze’s political repentance is not opportunism.
Former Deputy Senate President Ngomyayona Gamedze