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Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg, a capitalist political thief who opposes democracy for personal gain.

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021

Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg is a political thief who colluded with King Mswati to steal Swazi Nation Land(SNL)including farms from the unsuspecting Swazis. 

Let me state categorically that I am referring to the Minister as a “political thief” because there is substantive evidence linking him and Mswati to the theft of public resources through various companies, it is for these reasons the Minister is vigorously opposing democratic reforms.

Minister Neal Rijikernberg and King Mswati, with intent to steal Swazi Nation Land registered Silulu Royal Trust(PTY) LTD and other entities, they then forcefully grabbed farms owned by Swazis for their own benefit.

Well, let me bring to the attention of the Minister and his friend Mswati that we will never live like slaves in this country just to satisfy their political egos and appetite for money in a country where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.

As an editor of the now leading online publication, I am urging Swazis to continue putting pressure on Mswati and his capitalist syndicates, these corrupt syndicates and Mswati should not be allowed to enjoy a good life in this country while killing people through poverty and arms of war.

As for Minister Neal, he sometimes speaks as if he cares for the Swazis and that he wants them to have jobs but the payslips of Montigny employees suggest that Rijikernberg and his corrupt friend, Mswati want the citizens of this country to continue living in poverty.

It should be noted even under the coming new democratic government, we will need businesses to create jobs but we want investors like Neal to subject themselves to the rule of law in the public interest not to manipulate public resources for the benefit of Mswati.

Neal Rijikernberg must know that all the deals he signed with Mswati directly or indirectly to steal Swazi Nation Land and other resources will not stand, once this country attain democracy, they will surrender all those stolen resources.

Minister Neal always emphasize that those advocating for change must follow the Constitution, he must also quote a clause in the Supreme Law empowering Mswati to ‘steal’ Swazi Nation Land through questionable ninety-mine(99) years lease agreements.

Mswati was holding that land in trust for the Nation, he must then tell us how and when did he agree with the people to transfer  their land to Silulu Royal Holdings.

Perhaps, he will produce a resolution letter from the Swazis or their representatives empowering him to transfer or lease the farms, citizens of this country are struggling, evicted from their land by Mswati and corrupt capitalists like Neal.

I have noted that political thieves like Neal Rijikernberg and Mswati are always quick to use the resources they have stolen from the people to take human rights defenders to court just to frustrate them, unfortunately, no amount of intimidation will ever deter some of us.

I will not hesitate to call Neal Rijikernberg a “political thief” because I have evidence amounting to reasonable belief that indeed, he is a corrupt capitalist who deserves to be thrown behind bars for colluding with Mswati to steal public resources.

As you read this article, other agents of Mswati that include Michello Shakantu are buying properties and businesses just to control everything in this country before eSwatini is ushered into a new democratic dispensation.

Whenever Neal Rijikernberg speaks to the international media, he demonstrates some level of arrogance saying there’s no structure to negotiate with, that is what he told the Daily Maverick.

It is very disturbing to note that a Minister of a regime that persecutes anyone who calls for democracy can say there is no structure to negotiate with, Swazis must continue putting pressure until he realizes that the alliance of pro-democracy MPs, political parties and the civil society is the appropriate structure to negotiate with.

Its not like Minister Rijikernberg is not aware of these structures, he is desperately trying to cloud the eyes of the international community with intend to legitimize dictatorship.

This regime is politically drunk such that it believes anything not recognized by its structures does not exist, we don’t need the permission of corrupt capitalists to exist in this country.

At some point, this Government went as far as a elevating itself to decide who should be a journalist in this country. I hope now they have realized the power of the people, this Swaziland News is not wanted by Mswati and his illegitimate Government but it exist because the people and the international community are supporting it.

Therefore, now that the people want to elect their own government, no amount of intimidation, killing of civilians will ever stop the people from demanding their democratic rights.

Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg, a capitalist political thief who opposes democracy for personal gain.
Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg