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King Mswati removes pro-democracy ex-Senate Deputy President as Umbutfo, bans him from attending Incwala.

Thursday, 9th December, 2021

NGABEZWENI: King Mswati has removed pro-democracy Sive Siyinqaba Acting Chairperson  Ngomyayona Gamedze as a member of Inyatsi regiment(uMbutfo) and further banned him from attending Incwala ritual ceremony.

Sive Siyinqaba is a political organization collectively working with other political parties to intensify the calls for democratic reforms, it is affiliated to the Political Parties Assembly(PPA).

The decision to remove the former Senate Deputy President from the King’s regiments was communicated by the King through his Praise Singer Qethuka Sigombeni Dlamini on Thursday at Ngabezweni Royal Residence, he stands accused of associating himself with those who are calling for democratic reforms and or regime change.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Thursday, Gamedze confirmed the latest developments adding that he was summoned to Engabezweni where his removal from Inyatsi Regiment was communicated to him.

“It’s true, I was summoned to Engabezweni Royal Residence today(Thursday) where I found about fifty(50) members of the regiments including King’s Praise Singer Qethuka Sigombeni Dlamini. I was told that a decision has been reached to remove me as a member of the King’s regiment Inyatsi”, said the former Senate Deputy President.

Reached for comments Ludzidzini Royal Palace Governor Lusendvo Fakudze said the removal of Gamedze from Inyatsi was far above his jurisdiction.

“Leyo yaLabadzala mntfwanami(meaning: That matter was handled by authorities)”, said Governor.

But the Sive Siyinqaba Acting Chairman who represented his organization during the meeting for pro-democracy leaders at Boksburg, South Africa last week said even if he was not removed, he was not going to attend Incwala after the killing of dozens of civilians during the political unrest. He said some of those who were killed at Siphofaneni were very close to him.

“Even if they didn’t remove or ban me I wouldn’t have attended Incwala after the killing of civilians that we witnessed in the country. Ngimnyama vele ngizilile, ngifelwe bantfu laSphofaneni, besigcwaba onkhe malanga(meaning: I wouldn’t have attended Incwala because I am still mourning the death of the civilians who were killed. At Siphofaneni, we were attending funerals almost everyday”, he said.

King Mswati removes pro-democracy ex-Senate Deputy President as Umbutfo, bans him from attending Incwala.
Acting Sive Siyinqaba Chairman Ngomyayona Gamedze.