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Royalty must test, be treated for CoronaVirus at Mbabane Government hospital

Saturday, 14th March, 2020

MBABANE:The world must be on the lookout for any member of the eSwatini royal family who might try to leave the country for medical treatment in other countries, now it’s the time for King Mswati to taste his own medicine for collapsing our health system. 

It is now encouraging to note that most first world countries are considering closing their borders and airports as means of controlling the spread of the virus and this will prevent the King, the Queen and other powerful politicians from sneaking out of the country for medcial treatment in the event they contract the virus, we want to see them going to the local hospitals for health services.

As independent journalists within the African continent,we have been subjected to extreme inhuman treatment by the police merely for speaking the truth, warning government officials and Heads of State against looting public resources and collapsing our health institutions.

Indeed, when we warned dictators against abuse of power, maladministration and corruption, we do that knowing that their conduct will one day catch-up with them and they might become victims of their own political arrogance. It is very painful that a small country like eSwatini with all the resources is struggling to buy a testing kit for CoronaVirus merely because more money is used to feed King Mswati, the lives of the people were never a priority. 

Even before the outbreak of the CoronaVirus, many eMaswati died after suffering from various diseases due to government failure to provide drugs in the various hospitals. Our government opted to buy Rolls Royce cars and a fleet of BMWs for Mswati and his royal family while people were dying.

Now, we know that most citizens might die due to the lack of resources to control the Coronavirus but it would be fair for the world to ensure that no one including the King is allowed to seek medical attention in other countries in the event he gets infected.

 We want to see the King, the Queen and the entire royal family using the health facilities of a country which they claim will reach first world status by 2022, less than 24 months from now. 

This CoronaVirus is a very unfortunate incident for the citizens of the whole world but before it becomes controllable, if that would be possible, African dictators like Mswati who destroyed health facilities of their own countries would have learned a lesson.

May first world countries ban these dictators from seeking medical treatment from their facilities as a matter of urgency.

Royalty must test, be treated for CoronaVirus at Mbabane Government hospital
King Mswati III