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More hidden cases of CoronaVirus suspected after King’s Buganu ceremony

Monday, 16th March, 2020

The United Nations(UN) through the World Health Organization(WHO) should, as a matter of urgency conduct its own investigation regarding the real figures of confirmed cases of the CoronaVirus, this government seems prepared to do anything to protect Mswati’s political blunders while risking the lives of the citizens.

It should be noted that few weeks ago, King Mswati organized his Buganu ceremony where tourists attended and there were no screening or preventive measures adopted by the government to protect the citizens. This means all the people who attended that ceremony where sex was allegedly the order of the day are suspected cases of CoronaVirus. 

The conduct of the King who organized that ‘sex ceremony’ placed the whole country at risk and now police are running around like ‘mad chickens’ trying to torture and silence anyone who might raise a voice on how that ceremony manifested into a disaster for the Nation. President Cyril Ramaphosa and his Cabinet should take into account the fact that eSwatini is now a risk to the whole Southern African Development Community(SADC) region on the grounds that its government does not only lacks transparency with regards to the real situation of this epidemic but any decision is taken to protect the King not the people. 

Government can hide such information about the Buganu ceremony because it touches the King, however, an international investigation should be conducted and appropriate measures like shutting down all the boarders and entry points between eSwatini and its neighboring countries should be adopted, otherwise the whole SADC region will remain at serious risk.

We have said this before that King Mswati never take decisions in the interest of the people, everything is about himself. He organized women through this event that is more like a ‘sex ceremony’ where men were invited to take advantage of the women who drank the traditional beer and now the whole country is at risk, he must be held accountable for this mess. He did this knowing that our health system had collapsed due to his lavish lifestyle but he doesn’t care with the welfare of the people.

In light of the aforementioned, we call upon the World Health Organization and SADC to conduct a high-level investigation on how the recently held Buganu ceremony could have increased the risks of infections in the country, otherwise, the whole Sub-Saharan region will never win the war against this CoronaVirus. In the meantime, parents should consider keeping their children away from schools, this government is not ready to protect the citizens but their main priority is Mswati.


More hidden cases of CoronaVirus suspected after King’s Buganu ceremony
Women during Buganu Ceremony