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Health Minister: Suspected coronavirus patient tested negative, died

Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

MBABANE: Lizzie Nkosi, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare said the suspected coronavirus patient died shortly after she tested negative, despite having all the symptoms of the virus. 

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the Minister said the results received so far had 16 people who tested negative and this include a woman who had since passed away. She was clarifying a story published by the Swazi Observer where it was alleged that a suspected coronavirus patient died after being neglected by nurses and doctors.  

The results we have received so far suggeststhat we had 16 people testing negative. What is important about this is that amongst them are the results of the one woman who has just passed away who was a suspected case of COVID 19 . Our condolences go to the family in this difficult time"said the Minister.

It has been widely reported that the nurses and doctors allegedly neglected the patient who was allegedly admitted at Mbabane Clinic after they feared for their lives as currently, the country does not have enough protective clothing for the virus .

"She was admitted on the 29 th March , she had difficulty in breathing, she showed symptoms that are similar to that of COVID 19. It is true that one of the nurses wanted to seclude herself because she was afraid to work with her. However, she was helped and isolated, treated and tested for COVID 19. So amongst the 16 results I\'m announcing today is her results, she tested negative for COVID 19"said the Minister.

Health Minister: Suspected coronavirus patient tested negative, died
Heath Minister Lizzie Nkosi