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When poor leadership slowly manifests into volcanic political eruption.

Friday, 24th April, 2020

With our country heading into a serious social and economic earthquake, geographically, the current state of affairs could be described as an active political volcano that might erupt anytime causing damage to the whole Nation.

Like an active volcano that remain an impressive force of nature, dominating the landscape and shaping our planet geographically until it erupts and cause destruction, our leaders manipulated the respect and humility by the citizens for personal gain thus slowly pushing this country into volcanic political eruption.

Indeed, there are many similarities between the characteristics that describes an active volcano with the looming political chaos that might soon erupt as the King’s Cabinet continues to demonstrate negligence in dealing with the COVID-19 thus exposing the citizens to danger, particularly by not providing adequate health facilities and staggering to resume food distribution.

Geographically, there are several causes that result to volcanic eruption, but this fundamentally comes down to pressure within, that forces the magma to overflow the chamber. Like a pressured active volcano, our political landscape has reached a stage whereby the people have been forced into poverty and extreme oppression, such that they are beginning to realize the source of the problem, it’s just a matter time before they take a decision.

Dictatorship and or oppression comes with pressure directed to the citizens that subsequently result to poverty, unemployment collapse of businesses, that is when the volcanic political eruption manifests. Therefore, like an active volcano that remain an impressive force of nature only to become destructive upon eruption, our country has been known for peace and political stability. But poverty, frustration and anger among the oppressed citizens might result to chaos, something we have been avoiding by warning those in power not to negligent the people.

It has been a painful experience to watch our country being pressured and forced into volcanic political eruption due to poor decisions that resulted to the non-availability of health facilities, collapse of the Small and Medium Enterprise(SMEs) and showering of highly qualified individuals like teachers, nurses and other civil servants into the dam of poverty. 

In conclusion, let me state that even though it remains the duty of every citizen to prevent our country from the looming volcanic political eruption, those in power should remember that power belongs to the people and nothing can prevent them from demanding what is rightful theirs. What is happening in the country these days suggests that we have a leadership vacuum as King Mswati is nowhere to be found. However, we are watching with keen interest as the events unfolds. At the end, we need decisions that will protect and advance the interests of the people.







When poor leadership slowly manifests into volcanic political eruption.
King Mswati