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Churches welcome Prime Minister’s statement on opening of religious gatherings

Saturday, 4th July, 2020

MBABANE: Churches have welcomed the new guidelines on religious gatherings that were announced by Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Bishop Steven Masilela the President for the Conference of Churches(SCC) said as churches, they welcome the PM’s statement on the new developments 

"This is a responsible statement by the Prime Minister, it came at the right time when the country was in dire need of spiritual intervention. Now we will be able to pray in large numbers as most of Emaswati need spiritual support in these trying times. We have already began training religious leaders from all the country's three Religious organisations being the Conference Of Churches, League Of Churches and Council Of Churches on the safety precautions against COVID-19.We will make sure that all churches comply to these regulations especially those regarding social distancing. It is also worth noting that under the new norm we can successfully pray for people without even touching them" he said.

The Prime Minister said as government in collaboration with different stakeholders has issued new guidelines for religious gatherings, wedding ceremonies, funerals and community meetings with effect from 19 July.

"Places of worship need to obtain a compliance permit from Home Affairs in order to operate. Assessments will be made for each applicant to determine readiness .A two metre distance between individuals will determine the numbers allowed indoors. The number of people attending a wedding ceremony shall not exceed 100 people if held in an open space, in cases where the wedding is conducted indoors, the number of people will also be determined by strict adherence to the two (2) metre social distancing" said the Prime Minister .


Churches welcome Prime Minister’s statement on opening of religious gatherings
Bishop Steven Masilela-SCC President