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ESWATINI GOVERNMENT SPOKESPERSON ALPHEOUS NXUMALO:FESBC decision to create an armed group will compromise national security,King wants peaceful engagements not violence.

Sunday, 24th December, 2023

MBABANE:Alpheous Nxumalo, the eSwatini Government Spokesperson says,the decision by the Federation of Eswatini Business Community(FESBC) to create an armed group will compromise the country’s national security amid escalating tension between indigenous businesspeople and investors of foreign origin.

This comes after Mavela Sigwane, the FESBC Head of Business Transformation told this publication earlier on Sunday that, the federation “has acquired guns” and established a Security Unit headed by former Army Commander and Head of Intelligence Lieutenant General Jeffery Shabalala to arrest businesspeople of foreign origin,for unlawfully dominating the economy while suppressing indigenous businesspeople.

The tension between the indigenous businesspeople and the investors of foreign origin escalated after FESBC reported Inyatsi Group Holdings and Montigny Investments to the Eswatini Competition Commission(ECC).

But in a message sent to this Swaziland News on Sunday afternoon in response to Sigwane’s interview, Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo came hard on Sigwane and the federation alleging that,the latest developments will cause anarchy in the country and destroy the economy.He said,Sigwane and FESBC cannot claim to be protecting the King by resorting to violence.

“Mavela Sgwane is peddling unmitigated lies in claiming that they “aquired guns” to protect the King and the economy of Eswatini on behalf of indigenous business people. It’s conspiracy theories. How can you protect the King when employing and deploying methods and approaches which does not only undermine but go against what the King have time and again,urged the Nation to desist from.The commanded the silencing of guns.Sgwane's FESBC, go and “aquires guns". The King have commanded that Emaswati should resort to dialogue and negotiations as a way to resolve issues of all nature, shape and scope. Sigwane FESBC resort to violence and counter violence and creating “an armed security unit” which for all intents and purposes, it's actually a militia armed group that will not only terrorize Emaswati to compliance but also extremely compromise and compound the national security of the Kingdom of Eswatini”, said the Government Spokesperson.

The eSwatini Government Spokesperson further mentioned that, the King have commanded for the "gift of peace" from all Emaswati. 

“Sigwane’s FESBC,is drumming war cry! The King you seek to protect is engaged in a very important national ceremony.Sigwane FESBC,is busy with side - show meetings and “aquiring guns for protection". HHAYI BOOOO Babe Sigwane. All that you are wearing is a "see through dress”. It is counterfeit.If FESBC continues on this path of war mongering, it will end up destroying that very economy which it is supposedly seeking to protect.It's not wisdom and intelligence to go for a game where you shall all be losers.The advice of government is that if FESBC has genuine interest in the sustainability of the Kingdom's economy, she must engage with other stakeholders; not to “aquire guns for protection”. There's no war in this country.Guns are silenced.Anyone carrying or using an unauthorized or unlicensed gun  has broken the law. You can not create a state within a state. Laws of the country such as POCA; will continue to be applied across board without fear or favor, until they amended or abolished.Arrests of any nature or kind in this country will be duly executed by the State’s investigative and security agencies,not by a militia group. Period!”, said the Government Spokesperson.

Tension is escalating in this tiny Kingdom of eSwatini between indigenous businesspeople and capitalists of foreign origin and this, comes after local businesspeople felt the economy “is now controlled and benefiting” foreigners.

But the Government has been consistent in defending the foreign investors accusing FESBC of seeking to undermine Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs).

Eswatini has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line,the inequality in the country where the rich are becoming more richer and the poor becoming more poorer is slowly creating tension and destabilizing the country.

ESWATINI GOVERNMENT SPOKESPERSON ALPHEOUS NXUMALO:FESBC decision to create an armed group will compromise national security,King wants peaceful engagements not violence.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.