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State editor Mbongeni Mbingo who drives E1million car blasts MP ‘Magawugawu’ for defending eMaswati on ‘Dubai’ cars

Sunday, 6th September, 2020

MBABANE:Mbongeni Mbingo, the controversial editor of the ‘State’ owned Swazi Observer newspaper has blasted Siphofaneni Member of Parliament (MP) Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane for defending eMaswati after government intensified moves to shut down ‘Dubai’ dealers.

This comes after Neal Rijkernberg, the Minister of Finance published a notice, the “Used Motor Vehicle Permit Specification Notice 2020” that seeks to ban the registration of vehicles older that seven(7) years, the MP warned that the decision might force the ‘Dubai’ car dealers to shut down and this might come at a huge cost for eMaswati who can’t afford expensive cars from local car dealers.

But in an article published in the Observer Sunday, editor who drives an Audi Q7 worth E1million with his over E50,000.00 salary paid directly by the King’s controlled Tibiyo TakaNgwane said MPs should be seen supporting government on this matter because that was where their “bread is buttered”.

“Politicians know where their bread is buttered of course, and MP Simelane wants us to believe they have our best interests at heart by opposing the regulations, while our hard-earned money goes down the drain. It is undeniable that many of us want to drive nice cars, not these things that will break down in few months, because not only are they no serviced, the mileage is no what the customers are told, a scandal on its own that MPs have no lifted a finger to” said the controversial editor.

Insiders within Parliament expressed serious concerns with the conduct of the editor saying he made such comments merely because he can afford to buy expensive cars.

“It seems he wants to please the State as a way of covering up his scandals, this is a very serious matter that touch on the people who can’t afford to buy expensive cars because they are poor” said a Parliament insider. 

The sentiments of the editor come after the Siphofaneni MP said before the arrival of ‘import’ cars, citizens were facing transport challenges, with others driving over-heating cars as moving from one place to another was literally a struggle. He was speaking during a press conference held in his offices in Matsapha on Monday where he vowed to vigorously oppose the regulations in Parliament.

 “It seems there’s war against the citizens, someone don’t want them to own cars. Let’s move gradually, at least from cars older than 15years to 12 years, that would be acceptable. These are regulations that are enacted under the Ministry of Finance so they will not seek Parliament approval, but I strongly believe Parliament have the power to stop this because I don’t believe any MP who represents the people can allow such” said the MP.






State editor Mbongeni Mbingo who drives E1million car blasts MP ‘Magawugawu’ for defending eMaswati on ‘Dubai’ cars
Swazi Observer editor Mbongeni Mbingo