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Tortured editor’s wife reports King's royal police to Southern African Human Rights Defenders.

Monday, 7th December, 2020

MBABANE: Nompendulo Mkhonta-Dlamini, the wife to Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini who was tortured by the police has instructed her lawyers to write a letter to the Southern African Human Rights Defenders(SAHRD) instructing them to escalate the matter with other international human rights organisations.
The editor’s wife was suffocated by the police in April 2020 who were demanding that she reveal the whereabouts of her husband, her efforts to seek justice from the courts was opposed and frustrated by the government through the office of the Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo.
“At the time this occurred, Mrs Dlamini had left her two minor aged four and seven on their own and unattended to. Mrs Dlamini was later released at night without being charged and her laptops, her cellphones were confiscated and they still remain with the police” read the letter written by human rights lawyer Sibusiso Nhlabatsi.
Nompendulo Mkhonta-Dlamini was further deprived her right to education after the police grabbed the laptops which she used to pursue her studies with one of the Colleges in eSwatini, her efforts to seek justice proved unsuccessful as the Judiciary is fully controlled by the State.
Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom ruled by King Mswati, an absolute Monarch criminalise criticism of the government and the King, the police are normally unleashed to torture journalists, human rights defenders and their relatives.
Dlamini, the Editor of the Swaziland News is wanted by the police for writing critical articles about King Mswati and his royal family.
Tortured editor’s wife reports King's royal police to Southern African Human Rights Defenders.
National Commissioner of Police William Dlamini